Tutoriel Glitch art – Motion design sur le thème de la cybersécurité avec Photoshop et After Effects

https://vimeo.com/218625304!.?.!Ce nouveau tutoriel Photoshop/ Illustrator/ After Effects est placé sous le signe de la cybersécurité. En effet, ce thème aux multiples facettes (hacking, surveillance, reconnaissance …) est idéal pour illustrer ces effets et transitions de Glitch dans un Motion Design. ► Site Web: http://team8.fr ► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Collectif.Team8 ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/collectif_team8 ► Acheter le tuto: http://bit.ly/2q6Whqs

Chaos at Louisiana Walmart After 2 Men Argue, Pull Guns

Chaos at Louisiana Walmart After 2 Men Argue, Pull Guns

Two men arguing at a Walmart customer service counter pulled guns on each other, setting off a stampede of panicked customers, some of whom thought there had been a shooting.

Shooting Shows Challenges for FBI in Probing Domestic Terror

Following two mass shootings over the weekend, President Donald Trump called on federal authorities Monday to do a better job identifying violent extremists in the U.S. But that won’t be easy.

Qanon March 16, 2019: Freedom – Justice

https://vimeo.com/328007859!.?.!Freedom and also justice are concerning to come to be a fact. Twitter string: http://bit.ly/Q-Freedom_Justice This program covers messages # 3080-3096 on https://qmap.pub/ My internet site: https://prayingmedic.com/

Jesus Christ Laser Crucifixion | Director’s cut

Unauthorized art setup with a statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil. The statue is standing on Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro at the elevation of 720 meters. Directly climbing up 38 meters sculpture as well as setting up laser components on the hands of Christ took hr as well as a half at evening.

Thai Leader Orders Investigation of Bangkok Blasts; 4 Hurt

Thai Leader Orders Investigation of Bangkok Blasts; 4 Hurt

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha on Friday ordered an investigation into several small bombings in Bangkok that took place as Thailand was hosting a high-level meeting attended by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his counterparts from…

Russian Investigators Treating Opposition Protest as Mass Unrest: RIA

Russian investigators on Tuesday opened criminal proceedings related to an opposition protest in Moscow over the weekend and are treating the demonstration as mass civil unrest, the RIA news agency reported.

Japan’s FTC Investigating Apple Over Pressure on Parts Makers-Mainichi

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is investigating Apple Inc over its pressure on Japanese parts makers and whether it abused its position of power in violation of antimonopoly rules, the Mainichi newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Cisco To Pay $8.6 Million Fine For Selling Hackable Surveillance Tech

Cisco To Pay $8.6 Million Fine For Selling Hackable Surveillance Tech

Cisco has agreed to pay $8.6 million to settle a claim that it sold video surveillance software it knew was vulnerable to hackers to hospitals, airports, schools, state governments and federal agencies. SFGate reports: The tech giant continued to sell the sof…

Amazon Is Coaching Cops On How To Obtain Surveillance Footage Without a Warrant

popcornfan679 shares a report from Motherboard: When police partner with Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance camera company, they get access to the “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal,” an interactive map that allows officers to request footage directly from ca…

Man sprays water bottle on NYPD officers

The man appears to be recording his water attack on NYPD traffic officers on his cell phone in surveillance footage.

United Airlines Is Expanding Its Creepy Biometric Screening Technology to More Airport Hubs

United Airlines announced this week that it’s investing in the growth of biometric screening technology in a bid to streamline passenger travel—even as big questions remain about how such technology impacts consumer privacy. Read more…

Post-Snowden, tech became more secure—but is govt. really at risk of “going dark?”

“The FBI says they’re ‘going dark.’ Well yeah, because they’ve been staring at the sun.”

Amazon’s Ring Reportedly Partners With 200 Law Enforcement Agencies

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: At least 200 law enforcement agencies around the country have entered into partnerships with Amazon’s home surveillance company Ring, according to an email obtained by Motherboard via public record request…

Leaks reveal that disgraced, hacked surveillance company wrote Republican Congressman’s border security talking-points

Remember Perceptics, the Border Patrol contractor whose facial recognition database was hacked, along with hundreds of gigs’ worth of internal files? In that trove of files were emails that reveal that Perceptics’s lobbyist was operating as a kind of unpaid, …

Amazon’s surveillance doorbell marketers help cops get warrantless access to video footage from peoples’ homes

Every time I write about the unfolding scandal of Amazon’s secret partnerships with hundreds of US police departments who get free merch and access to Ring surveillance doorbell footage in exchange for acting as a guerrilla marketing street-team for Ring, I g…

Panoptic World. Countdown to a World Of Total Surveillance. 2001.

https://vimeo.com/107464397!.?.!Artwork by Stanza culling photos of from

over 500 cams around the world. It takes a couple of seconds to start pulling real-time networked images. This art work has been online and functioning because September 9th 2001. The artwork is offered in an edition of 3. Custom-made made software system and also computer system data. http://www.stanza.co.uk/panoptic_world/index.html

We Were Seen

https://vimeo.com/248686033!.?.!2017,video,00:01:24,Liang Yajie Surveillance happens in the fractures of our life every minute, whatever you” see” will at some point mix right into your blood.