Russia Investigates Alleged Money Laundering by Anti-Kremlin Opposition

Russia Investigates Alleged Money Laundering by Anti-Kremlin Opposition

Russian investigators said on Saturday that had opened a criminal investigation into the alleged laundering of 1 billion roubles ($15.3 million) by an anti-corruption foundation set up by jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

U.N. to Investigate Attacks on U.N.-Supported Facilities in Syria

The United Nations will investigate attacks on U.N.-supported facilities in northwest Syria, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced on Thursday, two days after two-thirds of the Security Council pushed for such an inquiry.

Mexican Prosecutors Investigate Police Shooting of Central American Migrant

Mexican authorities are investigating the death of a Central American father shot by police in the northern city of Saltillo, state prosecutors said Thursday.

Edward Snowden Book Coming Out Sept. 17

Edward Snowden Book Coming Out Sept. 17

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has written a memoir. The book by the man whose leaks of classified documents transformed the debate about government surveillance is coming out September 17.

Joyride on Floor Cleaner Causes Damage at Michigan School

Authorities say three people who broke into a suburban Detroit high school caused more than $1,200 in damage while riding a floor cleaning machine through the hallways.

Agency Investigating Kentucky Pipeline Explosion Seeks Video

Agency Investigating Kentucky Pipeline Explosion Seeks Video

Federal officials are in Kentucky investigating a natural gas pipeline explosion that killed one woman and hospitalized five others and have asked anyone with video of the blast to contact the agency.

NCAA Unveils New Enforcement Arm With Outside Investigators

The NCAA introduced Thursday a new arm of rules enforcement made up of independent investigators, advocates and decision-makers to handle complex cases involving serious infractions.

Russia to Investigate if Siberia Wildfires Were Started Deliberately

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday ordered Russian police to investigate if wildfires in Siberia could have been started deliberately to conceal illegal logging activity, as army planes flew in to help firefighters battle the blazes.

‘Moscow Mitch’ Tag Enrages McConnell and Squeezes G.O.P. on Election Security

‘Moscow Mitch’ Tag Enrages McConnell and Squeezes G.O.P. on Election Security

Mr. McConnell, the Senate leader, has typically embraced nasty nicknames by critics. But criticism of his role in blocking election measures has taken hold in an unusual way.

Amazon’s Ring service may already have 200 law enforcement agency partners

Amazon’s Ring security service is working 200 law enforcement agencies, according to an email obtained by Motherboard. A few days ago, the publication learned that Ring forged partnerships with law enforcement agencies. Some of those partner agencies are repo…

‘WannaCry hero’ Marcus Hutchins sentenced to supervised release

Marcus Hutchins’ efforts to stop the spread of WannaCry malware just helped him avoid prison time. Judge JP Stadtmueller has sentenced Hutchins to a year of supervised release after he pleaded guilty to creating and distributing Kronos banking malware. He was…

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras in 2019

The prevalence of WiFi-connected security cameras has made it easy to keep an eye on your home when you’re away, and many of them include internal batteries so that you can mount them anywhere, even in places that a power cable can’t reach. We’ve rounded up o…

The way is cleared for the Trump administration to use Defense funds for border wall construction

The Supreme Court cleared the way for the Trump administration to use $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense to construct parts of a wall along the southwestern border that the government argues is necessary to protect national security.

For Big Banks, It’s an Endless Fight With Hackers

An engineer in Seattle was charged with stealing the information of millions of customers from Capital One. The incident was surprisingly common.

Clothing resale site Poshmark suffers data breach

Clothing resale site Poshmark has been hacked. Data from users in the US, including full names, usernames, genders, email addresses, hashed passwords, clothing size preferences and social media profile information, were accessed by “an unauthorized third part…

You Might Want to Uninstall VLC. Immediately.

Because of its free and open-source nature, VLC is one of, if not the most popular cross-platform media player in the world. Unfortunately, a newfound and potentially very serious security flaw discovered in VLC means you might want to uninstall it until the …

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