Sam takes a trip with numerous timelines being enjoyed by
surveillance cameras. As fear sets in, an effort to leave is made, but the video cameras continue to discover Sam.

Fourth U.S. City Bans Facial Recognition, Citing Threats to Free Speech and Civil Rights

Fourth U.S. City Bans Facial Recognition, Citing Threats to Free Speech and Civil Rights

On Tuesday, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts unanimously voted to prohibit local government from using facial recognition, becoming the fourth city in the country to institute such a ban over concerns that the technology is biased and violates basic human…

They embraced at a gas station during a trip. Two days later, they were found dead

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler wrapped their arms around each other as they pumped gas on a road trip in Canada — a quick but intimate embrace captured by surveillance cameras. Two days later, they were found dead on a highway in British Columbia.

France Announces Plan to Launch Satellites With Defensive Lasers, Possibly Submachine Guns

An inventor buzzing around on a flyboard clutching a rifle and subsequently borking an attempt to cross the English Channel isn’t the only mildly science fiction-y development concerning the French military lately. In the past week, French Defense Minister Fl…

US military reportedly testing surveillance balloons in Midwest skies – CNET

The test will send 25 vehicle-tracking balloons across six states, according to The Guardian.

Crowdfunding a picture book about resisting surveillance

Murray Hunter writes, “I’m a digital rights activist in South Africa – I’ve written and illustrated a silly, subversive kid’s book about the Big Data industry, and a squiggly, wiggly robot sent out to track and profile all the babies. It’s not an ‘eat your ve…

How to Thwart Facial Recognition

Give the camera someone else’s face — or obscure your own. Strive for asymmetry. Make your head unheadlike.

This bar trialed face recognition to determine who was next in the queue

Tired of queue-jumpers at the pub? London-based company DataSparQ developed AI Bar, facial recognition software that tracks people’s faces and places them in a “dynamically intelligent queue.” The app also tells customers how long they have to wait before bei…

Amazon’s Ring service may already have 200 law enforcement agency partners

Amazon’s Ring security service is working 200 law enforcement agencies, according to an email obtained by Motherboard. A few days ago, the publication learned that Ring forged partnerships with law enforcement agencies. Some of those partner agencies are repo…

Public protection bureau (China).

Not to be confused with Ministry of State Security (China).

A public security bureau (PSB; Chinese: 公安局; pinyin: gōng’ānjú) in China refers to a government office essentially acting as a police station or a local or provincial police; the smallest police stations are called police posts (Chinese: 派出所; pinyin: pàichūsuǒ). The PSB system is similar in concept to the Japanese Kōban system, and is present in each province and municipality. Typically, a PSB handles policing, public security, and social order, the other duties of such offices include residence registration (“hukou”), as well as internal and external migration matters, such as the registration of temporary residents (including both foreign and domestic visitors).

The system of public security bureaus is administered by the Ministry of Public Security, which co-ordinates the work of provincial public security bureaus that are also answerable to the local governments and branches of the Communist Party of China. Provincial public security bureaus in turn administer county or district level public security sub-bureaus and branch bureaus, which perform a role similar to larger police stations. The lowest level outposts are police posts, which perform a role similar to small local police stations.

The network of public security bureaus and the Ministry of Public Security should not be confused with the separate but parallel network of state security bureaus, administered at the national level by the Ministry of State Security, which is responsible for external and internal intelligence, and performs a “secret police” role. The two systems are administratively separate, although at local levels they co-operate to a large extent and often share resources.

Most major Chinese cities will have a PSB assigned to deal with local security needs. Each province, municipality and autonomous region (excluding the special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong, which have their own police forces, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Public Security Police Force of Macau) has a provincial-level Public Security Department (Chinese: 公安厅; pinyin: Gōng’āntīng) or municipal PSB to deal with provincial security issues.

Roles and responsibilities[edit]

  • Fire Services
  • Traffic
  • VIP Protection
  • Immigration and Visitor Affairs
  • Public security
  • Crime Control
  • Public Safety and Information[citation needed]

See also[edit]

  • China portal
  • Criminal justice portal
  • Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China
  • Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau

External links[edit]

  • Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official website
  • Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security
  • Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department
    • Bureau of Public Security of Guangzhou Municipality


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Scrutiny of Russia Investigation Is Said to Be a Review, Not a Criminal Inquiry

Scrutiny of Russia Investigation Is Said to Be a Review, Not a Criminal Inquiry

The federal prosecutor assigned to the review, John H. Durham, has no subpoena power and cannot compel witnesses to testify.

Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty to Charges in Mueller Investigation

Mr. Stone, a longtime informal adviser to President Trump, appeared in court in Washington He has declared that he will be “completely vindicated.”

A Girl, 15, Reported a Sexual Assault, Then the Detective Abused Her, Too

The investigator, Neil David Kimball, pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a teenager he met when she reported a sexual assault to the authorities.