Google researchers discovered serious iOS security flaws

Google researchers discovered serious iOS security flaws

Six critical security vulnerabilities that were patched in the iOS 12.4 update released earlier this month were originally discovered by security researchers at Google. Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Groß, two members of Google’s Project Zero bug-hunting team…

Facebook’s Ex-Security Chief Details His ‘Observatory’ for Internet Abuse

Alex Stamos’ Stanford-based project will try to persuade tech firms to offer academics access to massive troves of user data.

WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchens Won’t Go to Jail for Old Hacking Crimes

Russian election hacks, Amazon’s police partnerships, and more security news this week.

Duo’s Wendy Nather to talk security at TC Sessions: Enterprise

When it comes to enterprise security, how do you move fast without breaking things? Enter Duo’s Wendy Nather, who will join us at TC Sessions: Enterprise in San Francisco on September 5, where we will get the inside track on how to keep enterprise networks se…

Formget security lapse exposed thousands of sensitive user-uploaded documents

If you’ve used Formget in the past few years, there’s a good chance we know about it. Formget bills itself as an online form maker and email marketing company based in Bhopal, India. The company allows its 43,000 customers to create online forms so others can…

Serverless, Inc expands free Framework to include monitoring and security

Serverless development has largely been a lonely pursuit until recently, but Serverless, Inc has been offering a free framework for intrepid programmers since 2015. At first, that involved development, deployment and testing, but today the company announced i…

How OnePlus 7 Pro Owners Can Get Google’s August Android Security Update Early

Most of the time, Google’s Pixel devices are first in line to get the latest operating system updates big and small. However, owners of the OnePlus 7 Pro got a chance to beat Google to the punch this month, as OnePlus started rolling out the August 2019 secur…

Wyden Blasts Senate Russia Report Over Failure to Recommend ‘Mandatory’ Election Security Standards

Citing what he called the “ongoing crisis,” one of the U.S. Senate’s staunchest proponents of sweeping election-security reforms renewed a call Thursday for Congress to immediately intervene and impose mandatory security standards on election systems nationwi…

FBI's Wray Dodges Questions on Mueller Report's Findings

FBI’s Wray Dodges Questions on Mueller Report’s Findings

FBI Director Christopher Wray offered a lesson Tuesday in how to dodge questions about the special counsel’s Russia investigation , offering a possible preview of what lawmakers can expect when Robert Mueller testifies to Congress.

Cisco Whistleblower Gets First False Claims Payout Over Cybersecurity

Cisco Systems Inc has agreed to settle a whistleblower’s claim that it improperly sold video surveillance software with known vulnerabilities to U.S. federal and state governments, marking the first payout on a False Claims Act case brought over f…

Project Surveillance!.?.!A video I edited, animated, as well as composited for Life Raft Group, a charitable devoted to combating as well as dealing with an unusual type of cancer cells.

N.Y.P.D. Adds Children as Young as 11 to Facial Recognition Database

N.Y.P.D. Adds Children as Young as 11 to Facial Recognition Database

With little oversight, the police have been using the powerful surveillance technology on photos of children and teenagers.

How to Thwart Facial Recognition

Give the camera someone else’s face — or obscure your own. Strive for asymmetry. Make your head unheadlike.

Time Lapse | Plaza del Bicentenario!.?.!7 months video from a security video camera in simply 3 min. Client: UDG Project: Plaza del Bicentenario, Guadalajara, México Manufacturing: Daniel Díaz Rizo Manufacturing assistent: Alán Díaz
Rizo Songs Yann Tiersen- Preparations for the Last TELEVISION Fake

Security evaluation

For the book by Benjamin Graham, see Security Analysis (book).

Security analysis is the analysis of tradeable financial instruments called securities. It deals with finding the proper value of individual securities (i.e., stocks and bonds). These are usually classified into debt securities, equities, or some hybrid of the two. Tradeable credit derivatives are also securities. Commodities or futures contracts are not securities. They are distinguished from securities by the fact that their performance is not dependent on the management or activities of an outside or third party. Options on these contracts are however considered securities, since performance is now dependent on the activities of a third party. The definition of what is and what is not a security comes directly from the language of a United States Supreme Court decision in the case of SEC v. W. J. Howey Co.. Security analysis is typically divided into fundamental analysis, which relies upon the examination of fundamental business factors such as financial statements, and technical analysis, which focuses upon price trends and momentum. Quantitative analysis may use indicators from both areas.

Security Analysis (Book) was written in 1934 and more than 1 million copies have been sold since.

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Glow!.?.!Glow addresses the promptly altering principle of security with an approach that’s primitive and innocent. Shots of tv are collected from street level through shutters as well as blinds and established to a soundtrack made up of mayhem produced patterns.

Caution! You are under Surveillance

” Whenever there are a multiplicity of people that need to impose a job or conduct, may be utilized panoptic system. […] … Because it is essential that the specific knows protected”. Michel Foucault

Due to the boosting proliferation of monitoring cameras, we are captured up in a daily and around the world fear of insecurity, what we might call “a culture of surveillance”. The task recommends the development of a series of critical videos to focus interest on this issue.