Chilean Navy Says Investigating Oil Spill on Remote Patagonian Island

Chilean Navy Says Investigating Oil Spill on Remote Patagonian Island

Chile is investigating a 40,000-liter diesel oil spill on an island on the far southern coast of Chilean Patagonia, the navy said on Saturday.

Police Investigate After Man Says He Found Baby in Freezer

A St. Louis man says a box that had been in his mother’s freezer for decades contained the mummified remains of a newborn baby, which he discovered while cleaning out her home after she died.

Spanish Prosecutor Asks Court to Put BBVA Under Investigation in Spying Case

Spain’s anti-corruption prosecutor has asked Spain’s High Court to put the country’s second-biggest bank, BBVA, under formal investigation as part of a probe into an alleged spying case, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Wednesday.

Huawei was working on a Google Assistant smart speaker before Trump ban

Huawei was working on a Google Assistant smart speaker before Trump ban

Huawei was planning to follow other tech giants in releasing a smart speaker, then the US government blew up the company’s software partnership with Google.

Woman Wanted For Allegedly Peeing On Walmart Potatoes Turns Herself In

The suspect was caught on surveillance video squatting over the produce in the second food-offending incident at a Walmart this month.

Chilling video shows Ole Miss student on her last night, bartender discusses suspect

The body of Alexandria “Ally” Kostial, 21, was found on Saturday in Mississippi. Surveillance video shows her on her last night alive.

Pentagon approves additional 2,100 troops to U.S.-Mexico border

The Pentagon said on Wednesday it had approved a request to send an additional 1,000 Texas National Guard and 1,100 active duty troops to the border with Mexico, the latest deployment in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration crackdown.

US denounces Venezuela aircraft’s ‘unsafe approach’

The US military says a Venezuelan warplane “aggressively shadowed” one of its surveillance aircraft.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Moves To Ban Facial Recognition

Citing threats to free speech and civil rights, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts on Tuesday moved to prohibit local government from using facial recognition. Three other cities in the country have already instituted such bans over concerns that the techno…

Did Facebook End The Encryption Debate?

Forbes contributor Kalev Leetaru argues that “the encryption debate is already over — Facebook ended it earlier this year.” The ability of encryption to shield a user’s communications rests upon the assumption that the sender and recipient’s devices are them…

Police in Australia made one of the ‘easiest drug busts’ ever when a man driving a van full of 600 pounds of meth crashed into 2 cop cars

A man in his 20s crashed a van containing 600 pounds of methamphetamine into two police vehicles parked outside a police station in Sydney, Australia Monday morning, police said. Cops pulled the man over an hour later and took him into custody. They estimate …

The Future of Surveillance!.?.!Through MIX Culture, I guided an animated collection called The Failure, that discovers the complexities of life online. In partnership with John Grey of Mentionmapp, each video clip focuses on a different subject, ranging from cyber-security to misinformation. This episode, specifically

, was a favourite of mine to service, as it checked out just how AI and also monitoring are combining to develop innovation that is both exceptionally valuable, and also exceptionally invasive.

US Can't Find Files on Investigation Into Nuclear Arms Plant

US Can’t Find Files on Investigation Into Nuclear Arms Plant

The U.S. Department of Justice has lost track of more than 60 boxes of documents from a 27-year-old criminal investigation into safety and environmental violations at a former nuclear weapons plant in Colorado, officials said Tuesday.

Italian Police Investigate Picture of Blindfolded U.S. Murder Suspect

Italian police have launched an investigation into a picture showing a U.S. student suspected of killing an officer in a blindfold and handcuffs soon after his arrest.

Algerian Justice Minister Fired Amid Anti-Graft Investigations

Algeria’s interim president fired the justice minister on Wednesday and named the Algiers public prosecutor to replace him, the presidency said, amid a series of corruption investigations involving allies of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The Banality of Surveillance

“The Banality of Surveillance” is an excerpt from evening-length job, “Me, My Quantified Self, as well as I.” It was performed at DUMBO Dance Festival in Brooklyn, NY, loss 2017.

Tanzanian Police Arrest Prominent Investigative Journalist

Tanzanian Police Arrest Prominent Investigative Journalist

Tanzanian police said on Tuesday they had arrested a prominent investigative journalist and were looking into his citizenship in another case triggering concern over press freedom under President John Magufuli’s rule.

Investigators: Accumulating Natural Gas Led to House Blast

Investigators say natural gas accumulated in a house in North Carolina for several days before a fatal explosion.

Rabbi Spat at in German Capital; Police Investigating

German police have opened an investigation into a report from a prominent Berlin rabbi that he was insulted and spat at as he was heading home from synagogue with his son.

WIR SIND HIER – ARS ELECTRONICA 2013 OPENING EVENT – IMPRESSIONS!.?.!Get an impression of the 360 ° experience throughout the ARS ELECTRONICA 2013 opening up event, the first Demonstration of the cross-media art job WIR SIND HIER. The WIR SIND HIER live performance combines various creative types of expression, music, dance, performance, exterior estimate and also the Spaxels drones of the Ars Electronica Futurelab.
Visitors could participate online and on website.

The project has actually been developed by Berlin artist Salvatore Vanasco in collaboration with Claudius Brodmann, FM Einheit, Stephanie Geiger, Rica Blunck, Andy Müller- Maguhn, Timo Maier, Steffen Neubauer as well as Cornelia Wunderlich.

For more impressions go to:

Wage Costs and Competition Hold Back Securitas Profit Growth

Wage Costs and Competition Hold Back Securitas Profit Growth

Rising wage costs in key markets France and the Netherlands and contract losses held back profit growth at Securitas in the second quarter, offsetting price hikes at the world’s biggest security services company.

Woman Suspects Porch Pirate Stole Package With 9 Tarantulas

A South Carolina woman says a porch pirate may have stolen a package containing nine tarantulas from her front porch.

When a Police Officer Kills, Let Public Defenders Investigate

When a Police Officer Kills, Let Public Defenders Investigate

Prosecutors can’t be truly independent. We can.

Photo of Armed Students at Emmett Till Sign Is Investigated

A photograph of three University of Mississippi students posing with guns beside a bullet-pocked and oft-vandalized historic marker to lynching victim Emmett Till has sparked a possible federal investigation and suspensions of the three by their f…

Mueller to Lawmakers: Trump Wanted Him Fired Over Investigation

Former U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday said President Donald Trump wanted him fired because of his investigation into possible obstruction of justice as part of the Russia investigation.

I love you for the day!.?.!’I love you for the day’is an installment developed by Matthias Maurer & Guillaume Massol situated at the not likely junction in between mass monitoring and verse. The installation is regularly checking out, focusing periodically on passers-by. Once concentrated on a person it’s tracking his/her face as well as damages it down right into fragments, creating a constantly advancing mosaic of eyes, noses as well as mouthes. As it enjoys, it produces verses as well as music based upon face attributes. While on still setting it refilled little bits of previously tracked faces and also maintains on producing lyrics as well as soundscapes. Text and songs are produced by a multi-layer Recurrent Neural Network. A model educated on love tracks produces the text of the installment character by personality, while one more version– trained on heavy steel– produces the melody which is decreased and also had fun with electronic tools. The soundtrack of the video as well as the name of the setup has been created by a RNN.